Since 1990

SOLIDRUMS offers a delicate completion in each of its products.

  • Finishes: the wooden cylinder is covered with sheets of different colors of your choice.
  • Lacquered: optional in glossy or opaque, this process is carried out keeping the purest craft tradition.
  • Sparckle lacquered: unlike sparckle finish coatings, this is a complex lacquering process that is only done in the high range of instruments, combining the “glamour” of the gloss with the three-dimensional that lacquering generates.

Designs of your choice in all models.

Primary colors or combined designs are available for the drummer who likes a personal look of his instrument. Consult for the full range of colors.


They are constructed in steel of 4.8 mm maintaining a vintage design (without ears), being held to the body by means of tiny clamps, highly resistant. Its inflexible structure exerts a much more uniform pressure on the patch, granting us precise control over tuning, acoustic and harmonic frequencies.

For our lines of drums we make the vintage beater hoop, with a milling so that the clamp that stress it is at the level of this. In the case of the strainer it is manufactured with a pronounced window so that it allows the complete detachment of the strainer.


They are offered as an alternative for drummers and toms from 8 “to 18”. Due to the natural characteristics of the wood, this element gives us greater gain in the low frequencies and a notable reduction in the high frequencies. Manufactured in 24 sheets of guatambú, the hoops have a metallic bushing in their holes for a greater internal containment, consolidating the durability of its surface.

BASS DRUM WOOD HOOP: One of the key pieces for bass gain and harmonic control in the bass drum is the wood hoop, these are manufactured in 10 millimeters thick.

We use them in all our models, included in Acrylic ALMA Model to ensure durability in professional use.


  • CLASSIC: Built integrally by SOLIDRUMS with the throw off system (perpendicular lever up and down), this accessory allows the easy, fast, and precise adjustment of the strainer providing a greater sensitive response.
  • CLOSURE BY MAGNET: Built in stainless steel with double regulation system and centering of the strainer.

The closure of this system is through the power of a magnet. It combines in this way great sensitivity, light and smooth activation and durability for the quality of its materials.


Made of stainless steel, it provides the position, inclination, and distance of the toms as you have always dreamed of having. Its circular movement admits the position in millimetric form of the toms, allowing the naturalness of our musical phrases. Compact in design, its internal metallic sphere supports the different daily demands to which this element is subjected. The sphere is protected by means of a bell, thus avoiding the “ghost” of the break generated by the direct pressure of the screw. Manufactured in two versions.

Optional in two models: cylindrical terminal in 22mm diameter or in horn terminal of 11 mm diameter.

Only in the Nativa and Nautilus models


Another of the pieces considered key of the instrument, in each blow of the bass drum this must offer resistance to the impact and to the movement that this generates.

Made of stainless steel

Simple and resistant, they have two opening and closing positions. Its double strut (rubber – metal), ensures stability on any surface.


For one side, a bracket made of stainless steel with a press system, which allows fast and secure regulation, and on the other a rod of 11 mm knurled and with a rubber tip with the ideal density, which allows the anti-slip and the maintenance of the vibrations that the tom generates, benefiting in the continuity of sustain and volume. Optimal combination


This system of acoustic suspension is mounted below 4 lugs, giving the body greater volume and sustain. Its “wraparound” design makes it one of the safest and most reliable systems, since it does not involve any other piece of hardware for its fixation.
All the pieces of the hardware referring to the assembly of the bodies and cylinders in their different combinations are manufactured by SOLIDRUMS. They are completely made with different resistant materials, guaranteeing a perfect work of adjustment and subjection.


Solidrums offers two versions of lugs designs for their models, both of high resistance: traditional and vintage, they have mobile tuning bushings, allowing the agile movement of the screws.
They are fixed to the body on a specially designed base to reduce the point of support, obtaining the least contact with it and cooperating with its vibration.
All the bodies contemplate the professional standard of tuning, in reference to the number of lugs per element.


Wood: Manufactured from 6 “to 26” with sheets of selected wood, in variable thicknesses, according to the own requirements of the instrument. The combination of excellent wood quality, high strength glues and an internal / external high pressure molding system results in a cylinder of extreme strength; primordial quality to obtain a helmet with volume and sustain.
The application of silicone paint inside contributes to the projection of the final sound, giving the instrument a volume, and incomparable sustain.

Acrylic: The Alma model is manufactured in acrylic. These helmets are built in 6 mm thick acrylics in toms as well as in bass drum and snare.

This material is characterized by having a high volume and extreme variety of tuning and projection. Surprising in all measures!


Another feature of our products is the construction of the bodies under the “Undersized” concept.

Unlike conventional bodies, the “undersized” have a millimeter reduction in diameter ensuring perfect support of the patch (whatever its brand) in all sectors of tension, providing a wider range of tuning with higher frequency base serious.


Your 100% customized instrument